Robert is from Portugal and stormed the qualifying rounds of Europe and was undefeated till the Battle Royal match in Episode 19: The Unoffical Battle Royal

Robert Tyler




Desert Viper

Bit Beast

Desert Viper

Special Movie

Desert Fang Bite Wild Wind Lash Electro Volley Ball Striker

First Apperanice

Episode 5: Dragon's downfall


Mike, Callum, James, Sebastian, Jessica, Tala

in which Tammy from Defeated him with out breaking a sweat and valued to get revenge when they meet in the tournament knock out rounds.


Robbo was bought up in the backstreets of Lisbon and was soon forced into blading at an early age but it wasnt to the age of 13 he discovered the power of Storm Viper but when it evoled into Desert Viper Robbo became undefeat and teamed up with Mike and the others.


Robbo first battle is against Mike in Episode 5: Dragon's downfall in which Dragon is left badly damage due to Robbo's special move, while traveling back to Britian Robbo and Mike are challenged by Kai but with Mike's bey still needing repairs Robbo battles and defeats Kai.

The Tournament starts as Robbo still left undefeat till the Victory against White Force in Episode 19: The Unoffical Battle Royal after Mike defeats Jess and takes Starburst Unicorn back that Tammy challenges Mike to reclaim Starburst Unicorn and Robbo incepts and goes all out against Tammy but Tammy defeats him.


Robert was taken in by the Tyler family and given Strom Viper by his step father.

Jake Tyler is Robert's step father

Jenny Tyler is Roberts step sister

Kelly Tyler is Roberts little sister.