Lewis Barricade


Poison Scorpio XF

Bit Beast

Poison Scorpio

Special Moves

Drop Sting Attack Poison Viper Wall

First Apperince

Japan vs Europe


Mike Tanto, Robert Tyler


Mike Tanto


Number 1 blader in Japan and China

Lewis first appeared as a sprite emerging from the sea in Dragon's downfall but doesnt show himself in person till The Unoffical Battle Royal when he is watching over Mike and doesnt show his Poison Scorpio till he faces Robert Tyler in the 6th Round and is shocked to see that Mike Tanto isnt even on the bench.


Lewis has medium brown hair with yellow fringe, dark piercing eyes, wears a dark blue jacket with a black t-shirt with flames on them with matching jeans.

He has the Viper shooter and the Poison scorpio beyblade.


Lewis shows his cool under pressure and determond to win at any cost but will