Beyblade Titanium Power



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April 10th 2011


67 (2 specials)

succeeded by

Beyblade Titanium Assult

Beyblade Titanium PowerEdit

Beyblade Titanium power is the Seventh Season of the hit Anime series Beyblade and first season of the Titanium Saga.

It is preceded by Beyblade: G-Revolution.

It is Supercede by Beyblade Titanium Assult


The story begins in the world championships 5 years pervously with Mike vs Kai ending in Mike's defeat, Mike is overcome with anger that he let Drago get in bad shape and badly damage but when Robert greets him off the plane from England they head to his place and upgrade Drago to Dragon Galaxy XF.

Meanwhile the team selection for the World championships are taking place with Ray defeating Jess in Africa and Lewis beating Blake in Japan the teams are quickly coming together so when Mike and Rober arrive back in England they discover bey battles all over the country and soon find themselfs battling for top spot on Team Gin Gan Galxay.


Team Gin Gan Galaxy (Europes Team)Edit

Team Landstorm (Japan's Team)Edit

  • Lewis Barricade: Lewis is Mike's friend but after seeing him in The World Championship and sworen to meet him in the Final with his Poison Scorpio.
  • Lee Fang: Lee Fang is Lewis's best mate and greatest blader in the team.
  • Tyson Granger is the 3rd blader and is a strong oppentant with his Dragoon

Team White Force (American Team)Edit


TEF Attack Ring (Titanium Enforced Attack Ring)Edit

The attack Ring is enforced titanium alloy to give it extra Strength.

Super Light Weight DiskEdit

Gives the beys more speed and agility.

Turbo Engine GearEdit

Super engine that can go either Right or Left

Blade BaseEdit

Each blader can customize their bases to suit their sytle.


The first movie of the series is being released in March 2012 with the Game being released in May 2012.

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